Relief in sight for I-10 and Executive Center construction


It’s been an area construction crews have taken over for more than three years. The Mesa Park Project plans to alleviate part of the heavy west side congestion. 

“I know it’s been a long time since the exit has been closed. For me, I haven’t forgotten about it and I would really like it to reopen because it made my day easier,” Westside commuter, Esther Hernandez said.

Even with closures and detours brought by the Mesa Park Project, drivers who live and work on the west side can’t fully escape.

“It really does affect the area because people want to exit here to go to the freeway and they can’t,” Hernandez said.

Originally part of the Go-10 Project, the procedure is in its third year with expectations of having it done by January 2020.

According to TxDot, the new interchange will give drivers better mobility, “previously it was high speed, blind-curve traffic that you were merging into. Now you’re going to have longer merge distance and a dedicated lane getting onto I-10,” TxDot Spokesperson, Jennifer Wright said.

TxDot anticipates that they will build a connection between I-10 and Paisano. According to TxDot, the City of El Paso will be in charge of connecting Mesa Park to Mesa Street in the future.

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