New Sunland Park east exit ramp to open following 27-hour closure


TxDOT has scheduled a 27-hour closure of I-10 East between North Mesa and Sunland Park from 3 a.m. Sunday morning to 6 a.m. Monday morning as part of the GO10 Project.

The closure is being held to shut down the current Sunland east exit and introduce the permanent exit ramp, which will begin before Resler. 

Officials recommends drivers to be alert for the new ramp,

“Drivers should just pay attention to the overhead exit signs that should help them to navigate the new conditions,” Senior Mobility Coordinator Noemi Rojas tells KTSM.

The opening of the new ramp is one of TxDOT’s biggest additions to the GO10 Project and the drastic change could cause some backup.

“Be alert of other drivers, because not everyone is going to be aware of the change on Monday morning and so the traffic flow heading east may be a little unpredictable,” Rojas said. 

The new ramp will alleviate heavy traffic congestion. Drivers who frequently commute through West El Paso are saying the changes look promising.

“I’m looking forward as to how it’s all going to look,” driver Carlos Duran said. “I like all these exits and everything. I just want them to be done.”

TxDOT said the GO10 Project is scheduled on time and on budget to be completed this summer. 

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