Construction of WestStar Tower creates downtown parking hassle


Expected to be the tallest tower in Downtown El Paso, the WestStar Tower is currently under construction on a former parking lot and local businesses are seeing the impact of customers having limited parking. 

“There’s so much opportunity for Downtown to have traffic, getting rid of one of these giant parking spaces impacts a lot of businesses down here. It makes or breaks you,” Creative Technologist for Fab Lab, Vincent Andreas, explains to KTSM.

Fab Lab is a small-scale workshop located across the street from what will become a 19-story tower built by Hunt Companies. Due to the construction, only a few parking meters are available along the streets. 

“We have school buses coming in three or four times a week and there’s no where to park the buses,” Andreas said.

A neighbor of Fab Lab, Kalavera Culture Shop, has been through a similar situation before with the construction of the streetcar.

“I’m hopeful that once this project is complete and people are utilizing the building fully that we will have a lot more (foot) traffic and a lot more people coming through,” its owner said.

The business owners understand the tower will most likely come with growth in the long run, but for now, they advise people to visit the area with caution.

“You have to plan and it’s not something you can just come and do. You have to make an effort to find a parking space,” Andreas said.

The WestStar Tower is expected to be completed by fall 2020.

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