Tiny Christmas village in Las Cruces pays homage to KTSM


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Vicki Coburn and her husband Critt have been keeping her mother’s tradition alive for almost thirty years by upkeeping and upgrading a handmade Christmas village every year.

“She has passed away but I have continued and my village is up to 63 buildings,” said Coburn.

This year she decided to do something special. After being featured on KTSM 9 News last year, she and her husband Critt decided to add KTSM’s building to the village.

“I have created the KTSM 9 News building and my husband Critt has built the antenna,” she explained.

Every year she adds something new, but it’s hard for her to say how long it takes to make one building. It could be hours or days.

“Some of them I don’t even have a pattern for, I just create them out of my brain,” she said.

Coburn said “it takes a long time, overall it’s probably 12 hours to set it up.”

When it is set up, the Coburn’s invite their friends and family to their Las Cruces home to enjoy.

They even invite the community, with people often bringing food and celebrating the holidays.

“It’s the Christmas season and we just like to spread joy. We just like having something for people to look at,” she said.

The pandemic has put a stop to that gathering for the second year, but it will not stop the Christmas cheer glowing from the Coburn’s living room.

“It’s a lot of pride in something we’ve been able to do together,” Coburn said.

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