Thursday Weather on the go: Cold front comes in today, back in the 90s this weekend


A backdoor cold front will cool off some parts of the borderland today.

A cold front coming from the east will come in throughout our early morning will impact temperatures slightly in Hudspeth and Ortero Counties. 

This front will end up stalling out by the central mountain chain in New Mexico, meaning we will not see any of this cooler air filter into El Paso today.

In fact, we will continue to see our warming trend as forecast highs will stay above averge and in the mid 80s.

Winds will be light in the morning and increase to become breezy this afternoon as they come from the WSW at 10-15 mph and gusts 20 mph. Peak winds and gusts will com from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This front will bring in very limited humid air that will increase slight rain chances in Hudspeth and Ortero Counties on Friday.

El Paso and other parts of the borderland will see this humid air come in the form of cloud coverage on Friday, and continue to see mostly dry conditions. As of right now there are no rain chances in the forecast.

Our warming trend will continue throughout the rest of the week, putting temperatures in the 90s by the weekend. Winds will stay light, and pick up in the afternoon hours for the rest of the week as well.

Changes will come to our weather as a Pacific storm system will come into our area on Monday which will not only kick off a cooling trend, but also increase wind speeds once again.

Winds will come on Monday and Tuesday of next week. As of right now it looks like we will see our windiest day on Tuesday, which could put us as critical wind levels.

Temperatures will be back in the 80s all of next week eventually cooling off to the lower 80s, which will put us below normal. 

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