DALLAS(KDAF)—Aspiring and experienced birdwatchers alike will find plenty of opportunities for birdwatching in 2023. Here are some of the best cities for birdwatching this year.

Lawn care services website, Lawnlove listed the 2023 best cities for birdwatching, and Houston ranked #3 on their list.

Lawnlove said, “We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on four categories, such as Access and Bird Variety. More specifically, we factored in bird species, checklists indicating birding popularity, and Audubon chapters, among 14 total metrics”.

Check out the entire list below and see what other Texas cities showed up on the Lawnlove list:

  1. New York
  2. San Diego
  3. Houston
  4. Settle
  5. Los Angeles
  6. San Franciso
  7. Philadephia
  8. Phonix
  9. Austin
  10. Chicago