EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A westside El Pasoan decorated her home with over a thousand frogs as a hobby.

Silvia Luevano still has her first frog that she was gifted back in 2000. She said she was given the frog that was used for leaving messages by her niece.

As time went on, she started displaying them in her front yard.

“It started on the front yard, in between the rocks, it was three-four and kept going from 10 then up to 50 and more and more,” Luevano said.

KTSM asked Luevano if frogs were her favorite animal and she said no, the frogs just grew on her.

“​I’ve purchased maybe about 10, the rest have been gifts. People stop by and they tell me, “Here you go, this frog is for you.” The one that’s on the wall outside, a gentleman gave that one to my husband, he told him “This is for you since you like frogs,”” Luevano said.

Luevano takes care of her frogs by taking them in sections to clean and get repainted.

She also said that she plans to continue her display.

“I feel very proud because people will stop by and ask permission to take pictures,” Luevano said.

Luevano has collected frogs in all shapes and sizes, from stuffed animals, statues and home decor.

“Sometimes people don’t remember my name, but they remember me as the lady with the frog house. It’s something that they don’t forget, the frog house,” Luevano said.