VAL VERDE COUNTY, Texas – Gov. Greg Abbott said on Thursday that Texas will build a border wall.

Abbott said $1 billion for border security was approved in the new Texas budget.

“I am hereby approving this billion-dollar allocation to border security in Texas tonight,” Abbott said during a press conference in Val Verde County.

Abbott said he already announced a disaster declaration in 34 counties, and another declaration is on the way.

“Border barriers will be built immediately,” Abbott said. “On top of that, I will announce next week the plan for the State of Texas to begin building the border wall in the State of Texas.”

Abbott said anyone crossing the barrier will be arrested. He also said Texas would help counties to create more jail space. He said everyone crossing into Texas would be arrested for something, even if it is just trespassing.

Abbott said Texas and Arizona are doing a “joint compact” and inviting other states to help on the border.

“States across America, come to Texas, help us solve this border crisis,” Abbott said.