HOUSTON (CW39) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says help is on the way for Texans with busted pipes in response to winter storm damage.

Severe weather expected over the coming days will likely cause some form of pipe damage for many Texans in homes and apartment across the state subject to freezing temperatures.

The main storm that has caused severe damage in Texas is now beginning to move out of state. Snow and sleet in Northeast Texas will continue to exist, but also gradually move out. After that, another round of precipitation will be coming across the state over the next 24 hours.

Cold temperatures will remain across much of the state for the next few days, affecting pipes.

Most of the state will be below freezing Thursday morning along I-10 and north of I-10 and will remain freezing through Thursday night, with ultra-cold temps Thursday night.

To assist with repairing pipes across the state, the governor says: “Texas law already authorized the plumbing board to give provisional licenses to out-of-state plumbers.”

Texas is also working with the Board of Plumbing Examiners to make sure that that will happen. 

With regard to that authorization, the state is also working on issuing a waiver for plumbers. If they are previously licensed as a plumber but haven’t completed continuing education in the last two years, they will be allowed to apply for Texas state plumbers license to assist those who have been affected by the winter storm.