HOUSTON, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Texas woman was rushed to the hospital after touching a poisoned napkin placed on the door handle of her car.

Erin Mins was celebrating her birthday on Tuesday at a Northside Houston restaurant with her husband. According to a video uploaded by Mins, when she and her husband were leaving the venue, she noticed a napkin stuffed inside her car door handle.

In the video, Mins reenacts her experience to show viewers how the napkin was positioned and how she picked it up from her car handle.

“I just picked it up with my fingernails and I tossed it out. I didn’t touch the napkin but I still opened the door with my fingertips,” said Mins in her video.

Mins proceeded by asking her husband if he jokingly placed a napkin on the car door handle. When her husband responded by saying he didn’t place the napkin on the handle, she decided to wash her hands immediately.

“I wash my hands and maybe like two minutes later, my fingertips started tingling. Then maybe after about five minutes, my whole arm just started tingling,” said Mins.

Mins proceeded in her video by saying her arms started to feel numb, followed by feeling lightheaded and troubled breathing.

Mins husband called 911 and the couple was directed to the nearest hospital.

Once Mins got to the emergency room, she explained to doctors what happened.

“They ran a whole bunch of tests. I had a CAT scan, a whole bunch of stuff. I was there for about six and a half hours,” said Mins.

Mins doctor confirmed she had acute poisoning from an unknown substance and that she didn’t have enough of the substance in her immune system to determine what it was.

“The doctors say it could have been a possible kidnapping attempt. So just for everybody, all the women in Houston and just everywhere you are, just be careful.”