Tribune Fest: UTEP’s Heather Wilson talks higher education

Texas Politics

AUSTIN, Texas (KTSM) — UTEP President Heather Wilson said she plans to make many visits to Austin to secure funding for the University, but Friday was about introducing herself to the festival-goers at the Texas Tribune Fest.

Wilson sat down with the Tribune’s higher education reporter Shannon Najmabadi. She talked about UTEP’s unique situation being positioned along the border and talked about the school’s growing research capabilities.

Wilson was also asked what surprised her most about UTEP when she came in for her job interview.

She responded, “One of the things that surprised when I came to visit was — well I’m from New Mexico and had been to El Paso before — but the campus is just beautiful. it’s just unusual Himalayan architecture dropped into the Franklin Mountains.”

Wilson, the former Secretary of the Air Force under President Trump, also touched on her time as President of the South Dakota University of College and Mines.

The Tribune crowd wasn’t exactly huge for Wilson’s Q&A, but she was competing against presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who was holding his own one-on-one with MSNBC’s Stephanie Rhule about a block away.

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