EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – In El Paso and all across Texas, you can now have alcohol delivered straight to your door.

As of September 1, restaurants, bars and grocery stores that sell alcohol can deliver it directly to you.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill earlier this year. Under the law, those with beer and wine retail licenses can apply for permits to deliver alcoholic beverages themselves or contract through a delivery service.

“I think it’s also going to be something that saves lives on the road (and) prevent more DUIs from happening,” said Ricardo Razo, the General Manager of East El Paso’s Blazing Tree Brewery. “Also, it’s going to be great marketing for Texas, getting beer straight to their door, that’s awesome.”

Those who deliver the alcohol must be 21 years old, and anyone who orders it must show a valid ID and sign a receipt once they receive the delivery.

One stipulation is that the beer and wine can only be delivered to someone if it comes also with food.

Because of this, the manager of Blazing Tree Brewery says he’s considering serving food so that he is able to participate.

“We got very excited at first, but you need to deliver food with it. I think it’s good for other places that do have food. We hope to have food here eventually where we could deliver it,” said Razo.

Governor Abbott also signed another alcohol-related bill that went into effect on September 1, which now allows Texans to take home their favorite beer from breweries.

However, according to some El Paso breweries, that is something they have had the permits to do for awhile now.

With these new laws now in effect, Governor Abbott is reminding Texans to enjoy responsibly.