AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Texans will be voting to invest in projects to improve the water supply in the upcoming election.

Proposition 6, stemming from S.J.R 75, would create a “Texas water fund” dedicated to assisting in financing water projects in Texas.

Texas Rep. Ernest Bailes (R-Shepherd) emphasized the need for proper water infrastructure after pipes broke in cities in his district, leading to a boil water notice.

“Two cities that were actually combined—they shared one collective water system—they only had one well total, and that well went out,” Bailes said.

According to the Texas Water Development Board, the current existing water supply is not enough to meet future demand in drought situations. To meet water demand in 2070, it projected that Texas would need at least 6.9 million acre-feet of additional water supplies, which includes the form of water savings through conservation.

For perspective, the total storage capacity of Lake Travis is 1.92 million acre-feet.

If Proposition 6 is passed by voters, it would enact S.B. 28, which would amend current law that relates to programs administered and financial assistance provided by the Texas Water Development Board.

Texans will be able to vote on various constitutional amendments, such as Proposition 6, in the Nov. 7 constitutional amendment election. Early voting in that election starts on Monday, Oct. 23.