New Texas bill will protect professionals if they fall behind on student loan

Texas Politics

Lawmakers in Austin are now working on a new bipartisan bill that would protect professionals from losing their licenses if they fall behind on student loan payments.

Currently in Texas, if you’re a teacher, dentist, nurse or other professional license holders, missing your student loan payments could cost you that certification. 

Irma Hernandez a local Nurse says the bill is important because currently she can pay her loans, but is worried of what would happen if got hurt and couldn’t work. 

“What’s going to happen next does my license gets revoked. Because if my license gets revoked then how am I going to continue to work,” said Irma Hernandez. 

El Paso State Rep. Cesar Blanco is one of the three Democrats and three Republicans working to get the bill approved.

“This would stop Texans from losing their licenses to work as a result of a default on a student loan,” Blanco said. “By passing this bill I think that we can ensure that our nurses, teachers, engineers, and others that have licenses are able to work and contribute to our communities.”

If passed, the legislation would remove the portion of state law that has the licenses revoked. However those who fall behind on their student loans would still be at risk for having their wages garnished, their tax refunds withheld or lawsuits filed against them. 

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