EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Texas Department of Public Safety has seen an increase in pursuits in El Paso, anticipating an even bigger increase in the coming months.

“A lot of people are staying away from calling it what it is, it’s cartel driven, it’s money-driven, but they have everything well organized so we have to step up our game,” said Eliot Torres a DPS Spokesperson.

Saying DPS is having multiple pursuits a day in El Paso.

“Were averaging in the morning only, two to three, and then several going into New Mexico. Then we have some in the afternoon not too many, but then in the night it picks up again, we’ll have two to three,” said Torres.

On Wednesday morning Torres says a pursuit began near Executive and ended on Nobel. Explaining that the migrants bailed out of the vehicle with five of them getting away and four being turned over.

Also, on Wednesday near Mesa, there was another Texas DPS pursuit.

West El Paso is where the majority of the pursuits happen. Torres explains that pursuits end in either a crash or by using spike strips to stop the vehicle, or the people bail out of the vehicle.

A recent trend is the pursuits leading DPS Troopers into New Mexico.

The Sunland Park Police Chief saying the department does not track or investigate smuggling attempts.

“We respond to any call for service as they come in to include trespassing, suspicious persons and or vehicles which may turn out to be migrant related,” said Sunland Park Police Chief Eric Lopez in an email.

With more DPS troopers expected in El Paso through Operation Lone Star.

“We have such a big problem out here, which a lot of people didn’t know about before, it was happening, but it wasn’t as hot as it is now,” said Torres.

DPS sharing statistics that show the number or pursuits and bailouts were trending down but are on the rise and higher from what we saw this time last year.

Texas DPS Pursuits along the border

Congressman Tony Gonzales R-Texas, calling on the president to work with congress, talking about the dangerous associated with an increase in pursuits happening in El Paso.

“It’s only a matter of time before innocent Americans get sucked up into this imagine if your driving to the store to get eggs or your picking up your kids from school and all of a sudden there’s a high speed chase that you get wrapped up in,” said Gonzales.

Texas DPS urging El Pasoans to be vigilant on the roadways as they expect there to be more pursuits happening.