Technology set to track SiSD students on school buses


Parents in the Socorro Independent School District will soon be trailblazers in the Borderland. They will be among the first to try out technology that will literally track their kids as they ride the bus.

The district wants to make tracking technology available to parents in the 2018-2019 school year. This means students who ride the bus will scan an ID card which will show when they get on and when they get off the bus. Parents will be able to use a phone app to monitor at what exact time their child scans their card.

One parent recalling a childhood memory of falling asleep on the bus when she was little.

“You wake up like where’s my dad, where’s my mommy,” she said. She adds that a program like this can give parents a piece of mind.

“I think it’s awesome. You just told me about it and I think it’s really cool. You know where your kid is. You know that they made it to school but now you know that they actually made it on the bus,” she said.

“I think it’s good for accountability purposes but the school and the parent,” another parent said.

Assistant Superintendent Marivel Macias tells KTSM the app will keep close tabs on students.

“Our bus drivers will know exactly who is on their bus, who is off their bus. Cause often times people night ride the bus Monday Wednesday or only Tuesday. That will give us all the data especially for the campuses because the campuses are the ones that deliver the little ones to the buses and often times get the call, ‘did Johnny get on the bus,'” said Macias.

Parents will also get updates to changes on their child’s bus route.

“If our buses are running late for unforeseen circumstances (like) bad weather, we are able to send information to the parent. If we have a different bus coming to pick them up, we’ll be able to send that information. So that communication is going to be in place,” said Macias.

 The district is expecting to start in July with buses for students with special needs. Then it will install the system in elementary school buses followed by middle schools and then buses for high schools.

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