Sweet Valentine


An 8th grade student at Morehead Middle School got a sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day after getting asked to go to the school’s dance by a cheerleader. 

Eighth-grader Aylin Pulido asked Pablo Emiliano Ayala to attend the school dance with him using a poster board she had decorated. Ayala’s family says it was special because it’s a moment they thought he wouldn’t be able to experience. Pablo was born with Down Syndrome. 

Hhis Special Education teacher, Sandra Montero, said Pablo doesn’t let the disorder get in the way of being a social butterfly in class. 

“All they want is to have friends, to be part of the community at school and they might be learning differently, but they can do everything that the other kids can do,” Montero said. 

Pablo’s parents admit it hasn’t been easy, but they’re extremely thankful to the Morehead community for including their son in their activities and helping him grow. 

“They’ve given him a beautiful opportunity and I feel it’s an important inclusion for them as well. I feel it has a lot to do with us parents holding them, hugging them, and taking them out into the community,’ said Pablo’s mother, Marcela Ayala. 

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