Robert reminisces about their experience working for an unnamed national pizza delivery company during college. They were skilled at folding pizza boxes quickly, but their true passion was for delicious pizza. Shannon White, the manager of West Side Pizza Express, who joins them to showcase the specialties of the establishment. Shannon highlights the popularity of their dough, which customers even purchase to make their own pizzas at home. They mention the freight car engineer and the thick-crust pizza with extra cheese as some of their best menu items, emphasizing the homemade sauce. The conversation turns to cow zones, a favorite during the lunch rush, which come in a personal size with a drink. The host’s excitement grows as they discuss the dough-making process and express their eagerness to participate hands-on. They watch Charlie prepare the dough by removing bubbles, confirming that it is made fresh daily. They decide to make the freight car pizza together, using fresh ingredients like pepperoni, ham, sausage, and beef on a thick crust. The host playfully takes their turn in the pizza-making process. They learn that calzones can also be made with the same ingredients, offering a choice of ranch or marinara dip. The pizza and calzone are then placed in the oven, and the host marvels at the result, crediting Charlie for his assistance. They express their satisfaction with the outcome and are encouraged to try the calzone with the signature ranch dressing, which they find delicious. The host expresses gratitude to Charlie for his help and invites viewers to visit West Side Pizza Express located at 7930 North Mesa, conveniently close to McDonald’s.