Ryan Rocks, a filmmaker, has participated in the Las Cruces International Film Festival with two short films. In an interview, Ryan discusses his filmmaking journey and the themes of his films. Despite lacking formal training, Ryan turned to YouTube and gathered friends to start making movies during the pandemic. His first film, titled “That Tingling Sensation,” is a deeply personal story exploring grief, lust, and friendship. It revolves around the passing of Ryan’s stepfather when he was 16 years old and takes audiences on a fantastical and emotional journey. Ryan’s second film, “Shipping Them,” delves into his own trans non-binary identity, offering a personal perspective on the subject. Ryan emphasizes the importance of hiring queer individuals on set to create a safe space and increase representation. Through his films, Ryan aims to show that queer people are everywhere and hopes to inspire those who may be closeted to realize the possibilities of joy and filmmaking in their lives. He emphasizes that his films appeal to all audiences, including heterosexual individuals, as they offer a unique experience and challenge common stereotypes associated with trans narratives.