Rise Credit Union, formerly known as TFCU or Teachers Federal Credit Union, is undergoing a significant transformation as it remodels existing branches and constructs new ones throughout the town. The first noticeable change upon entering these revamped branches is the warm and inviting atmosphere, accompanied by a delightful signature scent that enhances the overall experience.

Pearl Contreras, the Community Engagement Officer for Rise Federal Credit Union, shed light on the institution’s rebranding and its name change to Raiz. The name carries a dual meaning, symbolizing both “roots” in Spanish, highlighting the credit union’s deep community ties since its establishment in 1936, and “rise,” signifying progress and embracing a new path forward.

The commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of Raiz Credit Union’s branches. Automation plays a vital role in their digital transformation strategy. Instead of traditional teller services for routine transactions, the credit union employs ATMs to handle simple tasks such as check cashing and bill payments. This shift allows the team members to focus on more complex financial matters, providing personalized assistance to members in offices. Opening IRAs, setting up accounts, and managing beneficiary information are among the services offered in these dedicated spaces.

However, Raiz Credit Union hasn’t abandoned the importance of human interaction. For services requiring personalized attention, like cashier’s checks, wire transfers, or car loans, dedicated member service representatives are readily available at all branches to assist and ensure members’ needs are met.

Beyond its commitment to member services, Raiz Credit Union also actively supports the local community through its Spirit debit card program. In addition to offering high school-themed cards, Raiz has extended its philanthropic efforts to include the El Paso Children’s Hospital and the Rhinos organization. Every non-PIN transaction made with these special debit cards triggers a donation of 5 cents to the respective organization or school. Over the past four years, Raiz has already donated over a hundred thousand dollars to local school districts through this initiative.

The credit union’s dedication to community engagement and ongoing innovation reflects its vision for the future. With refreshed branches, enhanced services, and a commitment to supporting local organizations, Raiz Credit Union aims to uplift and empower its members while maintaining its roots in the community.