When it comes to the movie industry, Hollywood has long been regarded as the undisputed center of it all. However, there seems to be a wind of change blowing, and the spotlight is gradually shifting to new horizons. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with two remarkable individuals who produced and acted in a film that challenges the notion of Hollywood’s dominance. Joining us are Saul Tryon, the producer of the captivating film “Land of Dreams,” and Gaius Charles, a talented actor. Both gentlemen reside in Southern California, but they embarked on an exciting journey to Southern New Mexico to bring their cinematic vision to life.

As we delve into the discussion, Saul Tryon shares that “Land of Dreams” is an exhilarating film created by the talented filmmakers Shaina Shot and Sho Azari. The decision to choose New Mexico as the film’s backdrop was primarily influenced by the breathtaking landscape and the incredible beauty it presents. However, it wasn’t just about aesthetics. The film industry in New Mexico, coupled with the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional crew, played a significant role in their decision-making process. Additionally, the availability of tax credits further fueled their enthusiasm for this location.

Indeed, tax credits have become a driving force attracting numerous filmmakers to New Mexico. As the financial mind behind the production, Saul Tryon sheds light on how this system works. Filmmakers must meticulously track their expenses, ensuring they spend wisely within the state. After completing the project and providing detailed documentation of the expenditures, they become eligible to receive a percentage of the amount spent as tax credits. These rebates, often ranging from 25% to 30% depending on the filming location within the state, provide a substantial financial boost. This incentive enables filmmakers to secure funding from investors by showcasing the potential return on investment through the tax credit program.

Returning to the conversation, Gaius Charles shares his perspective on the experience of working in New Mexico. Having previously filmed another project in the state, he expresses his enjoyment of taking a break from the familiar surroundings of home. Exploring a new culture, savoring different cuisine, and meeting new people all contributed to his positive experience while filming in New Mexico.

Gaius also dives into his role as David in the film, an artist who helps the protagonist understand the profound consequences of her actions. His character adds depth to the narrative, emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility and the potential impact of one’s choices.

When it comes to the comparison between the entertainment scenes in Los Angeles and New Mexico, Gaius reflects on the unique offerings of each location. He highlights New Mexico’s diverse and stunning natural landscapes, ranging from mountains to deserts, which provide an attractive backdrop for various projects. Alongside the visual appeal, the allure of tax credits further enhances New Mexico’s appeal to filmmakers. However, Gaius emphasizes that the choice between locations ultimately depends on the specific project’s requirements and objectives.

Looking ahead, we inquire about the future of their careers. Gaius reveals that he is part of a new show called “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” set to premiere in June. As an actor, he acknowledges that work takes him all over the country and sometimes internationally. The decision of where to go hinges on the opportunities available and, of course, the financial aspects discussed earlier. Saul Tryon, as a producer, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that as actors, they pack their bags and follow the work, wherever it may be.

As we wrap up our conversation, it becomes apparent that the allure of Hollywood’s bright lights is no longer the sole magnet for filmmakers and actors alike. New Mexico’s burgeoning film industry, coupled with its stunning landscapes and enticing tax breaks.