We had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented directors of the highly anticipated film “Land of Dreams,” Shirin and Shoja. As the film industry in New Mexico continues to flourish, “Land of Dreams” stands out as a major production, boasting a star-studded cast that includes renowned actors like Matt Dillon, Isabella Rossini, Anna Agan, William Mosley, Christopher McDonald, and rising Iranian actress Sheila Van.

Intrigued by the impressive lineup, I eagerly asked the directors to share more about the film and its captivating plot. Sheeran and Shoji explained that “Land of Dreams” is set in the near future and revolves around an Iranian immigrant woman who flees her troubled homeland. Her father had been executed by Iranian security forces, compelling her to seek refuge in the United States. The story unfolds as she secures a job at a census bureau, only to discover a dystopian reality where the government has been taken over by corporations focused on surveillance and citizen control.

The directors elaborated on the film’s central theme, revealing that dreams play a crucial role in the narrative. In this futuristic society, where artificial intelligence and corporate influence reign, dreams are recorded through the census, becoming the last aspect of people’s lives that remain untapped. As the government aims to control every aspect of its citizens’ lives, their subconscious becomes the final frontier. Agents are dispatched to collect American dreams, highlighting the chilling extent of societal manipulation.

I was curious why the directors chose New Mexico as the film’s shooting location, and Sheeran explained that both she and Soja, along with other members of the team, have Iranian roots. The stunning landscapes of New Mexico resonated with their memories of Iran, which they longed to revisit but were unable to due to their circumstances. Moreover, the diverse demographics of New Mexico, with its Hispanic, Native American, African-American, and white communities, provided an enriching backdrop for a story centered around an Iranian woman navigating different households while collecting people’s dreams.

Having experienced shooting in various locations, including the film-friendly city of New York, I inquired about their experience filming in New Mexico. Shirin and Shoja expressed their delight at the relaxed atmosphere and the exceptional professionalism of the local crew. They emphasized the picturesque beauty of the New Mexico landscapes, surrounded by majestic mountains and breathtaking deserts, along with the consistently favorable weather conditions that enhanced the filming process.

“Land of Dreams” not only promises an engaging storyline and stellar performances but also offers a thought-provoking exploration of surveillance, immigrant experiences, and the influence of corporations on society. The film’s fusion of diverse cultures against the backdrop of New Mexico’s captivating scenery is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

As the film industry in New Mexico continues to flourish, “Land of Dreams” stands as a testament to the state’s growing prominence as a hub for innovative and inclusive storytelling. Audiences can anticipate a unique cinematic experience that pushes boundaries and sparks conversations about the implications of surveillance and the resilience of immigrants in an ever-changing world.