Great news from Las Cruces! Memorial Medical Center has introduced a state-of-the-art piece of equipment called Vital Beam, a linear accelerator, offering promising advancements in cancer treatment. Dr. Jason Call joins us to shed light on this revolutionary technology that brings hope to cancer patients.

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is undoubtedly daunting, and the thought of traveling to other cities for treatment only adds to the stress. However, thanks to Vital Beam, patients no longer have to endure such hardships. Dr. Call emphasizes that their goal is to provide top-notch care locally, ensuring that individuals receive the best treatment available without the need for relocation.

But what makes this machine so remarkable? Dr. Call explains that the radiation therapy delivered by Vital Beam is highly precise, targeting cancer cells with pinpoint accuracy while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This non-experimental treatment is covered by insurance plans, making it accessible to a wider range of patients.

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, they may begin their journey with a radiation oncologist like Dr. Call. The process typically involves consultations, discussing the diagnosis and workup. Before treatment, an essential step called simulation takes place. This entails a CT scan, during which the medical team, including qualified individuals like dosimetrists and physicists, meticulously map out the radiation delivery plan tailored to the patient’s anatomy. The CT scan helps identify the tumor and delineate areas to avoid, resulting in a specific and accurate treatment plan.

Not only does Vital Beam offer precise and effective treatment, but it also saves valuable time. Procedures that used to take thirty to forty minutes are now completed in a matter of minutes, with some treatments lasting only two to three minutes. This efficiency allows patients to spend less time on the machine, streamlining their overall treatment experience.

Dr. Call acknowledges the initial anxiety and fear that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. However, he emphasizes that with new technologies like Vital Beam, there is room for hope. Success stories abound, with many patients experiencing positive outcomes and minimal side effects following treatment.

Take comfort in knowing that cutting-edge cancer treatment is now available in Las Cruces, bringing hope and improved care to those fighting this challenging disease.