Receiving a property tax notice can be a source of anxiety for many homeowners, but Kingswood Property Tax Advisors is here to help. In an interview with Jared Abbott from Kingswood, Studio Nine explores the rising property values and the importance of protesting appraisals to ensure fair taxation.

The real estate market has experienced significant growth, not just in El Paso but across the country, leading to inflated appraised values. However, homeowners need not despair, as there are steps they can take to address this issue. One crucial date to remember is May 15th, the deadline for filing a protest. Abbott emphasizes the importance of every homeowner, regardless of their appraisal satisfaction, taking action to ensure fairness for all.

Kingswood simplifies the process for homeowners by handling the protest on their behalf. By providing their notice of value and authorization, homeowners can rely on Kingswood to present their case at the appraisal review board (ARB). Utilizing evidence and sales comparison data, the team at Kingswood strives to achieve an accurate appraisal that reflects the true value of the property.

Even homeowners who have witnessed significant increases in their property values over the years can benefit from Kingswood’s services. While it’s inevitable that appraisals will rise, Kingswood aims to mitigate the rate of increase, protecting homeowners’ interests.

For commercial property owners, the process is similar, although the evaluation methods differ. Kingswood works diligently to build a strong case and pursue fair assessments for commercial properties as well.

The appraisal review board serves as an independent entity that hears and evaluates cases presented by both homeowners and the central appraisal district. Kingswood engages in the process, ensuring their clients’ voices are heard and their interests are represented.

Kingswood’s payment structure is based on a percentage of the tax savings they achieve for their clients. If no savings are realized, no fees are charged. However, substantial savings result in a proportionate compensation for Kingswood.

In conclusion, homeowners can entrust Kingswood Property Tax Advisors to navigate the complex world of property tax protests. By taking action and reaching out to Kingswood before the crucial deadline, homeowners can gain peace of mind and potentially reduce their property tax burden.