This week on Studio 9 we talk food, home and getting in shape.

We start off the show eating good in the neighborhood with Appleebee’s Grill & Bar. What a delicious and fun segment! The crew at Applebee‘s joins us at our outdoor KTSM grill and they showcase their delicious skillets. We also talk about why an Applebee’s gift card makes a great holiday gift!

Also on the show, we talk to Randy Bowling, President for Tropicana Homes and the newly elected President for the Texas Association of Builders, or TAB. Randy explains why it’s important to have local representation at the state level when it comes to keeping home prices affordable in El Paso.

And… talk about a yummy segment! This week we also take you inside Rocky’s Bordertown Cantina & Grill. We introduce you to brothers Randy and Ruben Chavez and show you why Rocky’s is a popular hangout for both locals and visitors to the sun city. Make sure you try their delicious brisket nachos! They’ll have you licking your fingers!

And, lastly… we get in a good workout with Trax Cycling Studio. It’s not just a cycling class– it’s a high-energy, fun experience that will have you both burning tons of calories and having lots of fun!