Dr. David Batiste, owner of El Paso Optical, is revolutionizing the optometry experience by prioritizing personal care and eliminating the dreaded air puff test. Unlike traditional practices, Dr. Batiste takes the time to know his patients better, asking about their eye usage and profession to provide accurate prescriptions. His commitment to spending extra minutes with each patient has earned him praise and the opportunity to open a new center for military families at Fort Bliss.

At El Paso Optical, the focus is on providing warm, laid-back care, and they are extending this approach to their new location. The clinic has been operating since 1901 and aims to bring the same level of comfort, accuracy, and care to the spouses and dependents of active military personnel. This expansion promises an exciting development for the clinic and the military community.

Dr. Batiste also offers an innovative solution for various eye conditions, including cataracts. He utilizes a cryopreserved amniotic membrane called ProKera, which promotes natural healing and collagen transfer when placed on the eye. This treatment optimizes the eye’s surface, leading to improved performance and comfort. Patients have experienced long-lasting effects, with some going six months to two years without needing repetitive eye drops.