Guess what? We just had the most amazing homemade ice cream made by the talented culinary students at Dona Ana Community College’s Premier Culinary Institute. Trust me, it’s a taste sensation! And guess what else? I even got to chat with their senior instructor, the renowned Chef Tom Drake. He’s the mastermind behind this fork-worthy ice cream experience.

You might be wondering, why the fork? Well, according to Chef Tom, using a spoon wouldn’t do justice to the ice cream. By using a fork, you get to savor every delightful flavor as it dances through the tides. It’s all about the perfect ice cream experience!

But let’s talk about these extraordinary culinary students. They are the ones responsible for this heavenly treat. They undergo a comprehensive culinary arts program, earning their associate’s degree. It all starts with the enrollment process on their website. Once accepted, they embark on a two-year journey of culinary discovery.

Now, hold on to your seats because their journey begins in a place called Hell’s Kitchen. Don’t worry; it’s not as terrifying as it sounds. In Hell’s Kitchen, these aspiring chefs learn the art of endurance, resilience, and time management. They face long hours, high-pressure situations, and even burn and cut themselves (don’t worry, they learn how to stop the pain and bleeding). It’s a rigorous experience, but it shapes them into culinary masters.

Believe it or not, it’s actually easier for these students to start with zero culinary skills. That way, they don’t have to unlearn bad habits. So, if you’ve ever experimented with homemade ice cream in your fridge, Chef Tom suggests leaving it to the professionals.