The culinary students at Donya Ana Community College impressed us with their dress lettuce cake and dress lettuce cupcake creations. Chef Cecilia Castro, who joined the interview, praised the moist and delicious cupcakes and expressed pride in her students. The college is known as New Mexico’s Premier Culinary Institute and offers a two-year program with four semesters. The students begin in the “Hell’s Kitchen” where they learn the basics of cooking, including knife skills and time management. As they progress, they move to the intermediate phase, overseen by Chef Castro, where they refine their skills and tackle more challenging recipes. The program emphasizes hands-on experience, and the students create everything from scratch. The culinary institute has a state-of-the-art facility, which was made possible through community donations over the course of 10 years. Chef Castro herself found her passion for cooking and baking through a mentor who guided her into the culinary field. Her career has taken her across the United States, and she encourages others to explore the program and enroll. The segment concludes with the host enjoying the delicious treats and expressing gratitude for the satisfying meal.