Evergreen Turf introduces a new product called the “Pecan Much Big L Bag” that aims to solve the problem of sandy backyards and help create thriving flower beds and healthy plants. Brenda Rubina from Evergreen Turf explains that the product is made from pecan shells obtained from local pecan farms. These shells are ground up and packed into a large yellow bag for delivery. The pecan mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by allowing water to penetrate between the shells and reach the plant roots. Unlike traditional wood bark chips, the pecan mulch also adds an aesthetic appeal to the lawn. The shells contain nutrients that can be mixed into the soil or placed on top to gradually leach in and benefit the plants. By using the soil amendment and pecan mulch together, gardeners can improve soil quality and ensure moisture retention, even in sandy or clay soils. Evergreen Turf offers a special discount of $10 off on both the pecan mulch and soil amendment for orders placed before April 30th. This promotion allows customers to enhance their gardens and flower beds at a reduced cost while ensuring their plants thrive in the changing weather conditions and watering restrictions. For more information and to place an order, customers can contact Evergreen Turf.