In today’s digital age, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, excessive screen time can have negative effects on our productivity, well-being, and relationships. Recognizing the need for a healthier balance, AT&T offers tools and features that enable users to monitor and manage their screen time effectively. In this interview with Liz Archuleta, General Manager of AT&T, we explore how these features can help individuals regain control over their phone addiction and find a better balance between their digital and offline lives.

The first step in managing screen time is understanding the extent of our phone usage. AT&T provides a screen time monitoring feature that enables users to track their daily average screen time. By examining this data, users can identify their most time-consuming apps and gain insights into their phone addiction patterns. Liz Archuleta emphasizes the importance of diagnosing the problem, acknowledging that adults are as susceptible to excessive phone usage as children.

Once we are aware of our screen time habits, it’s crucial to establish healthier limits. AT&T’s devices, whether Android or Apple, offer features that allow users to set limits on their app usage. By configuring these limits, users can exercise self-control and prevent themselves from spending excessive time on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Archuleta illustrates this by setting a 20-minute limit on her Instagram usage per day, encouraging a more mindful approach to app consumption.

Beyond setting limits on individual apps, AT&T also provides the option to establish downtime restrictions. This feature enables users to define specific periods, such as nighttime, during which their devices will enter “Do Not Disturb” mode. By doing so, individuals can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and reduce the temptation to engage with their devices during crucial resting hours. Archuleta emphasizes the freedom to customize which apps can send notifications during downtime, ensuring important alerts are not missed while unnecessary distractions are minimized.

For those seeking further assistance in managing their screen time, AT&T offers additional apps that can aid in creating a healthier relationship with technology. These apps can help individuals monitor and limit their usage, providing a comprehensive digital detox experience. By exploring these options, users can find tools tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

The increasing prevalence of smartphones in our lives demands that we establish a healthy balance between our digital and offline activities. AT&T’s commitment to assisting users in managing their screen time is commendable. Through features such as screen time monitoring, app limits, downtime restrictions, and additional apps, AT&T empowers individuals to take control of their phone addiction and foster a healthier relationship with technology. By making conscious choices about our phone usage, we can reclaim our time, focus, and overall well-being in an increasingly connected world.