EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It was a tense day at Canutillo High School on Sept. 28. Parents and students became aware of a social media threat that left parents feeling they had no choice but to pick their children up early from school.

This occurs on the tails of fights that have broken out on campus. Some have resulted in six arrests, with more to be expected.

Parents along with the students have criticized the school for not taking the action necessary to protect the kids, but the district assures them they are taking proper precautions.

Principal Candice Marrufo told KTSM that their security is working alongside outside authorities to ensure students are safe while on campus.

“Safety and making sure these threats are not real are very much our priority, we are sending out messages to our faculty and our community to ensure them that we do not take this lightly and that everything that we do here on this campus will keep their child safe,” said Marrufo.

However, both students and parents feel that the school has not been taking threats or fights seriously.

One student who wished to remain anonymous said that how the school responded to the threats shows their students are not a top priority.

“Even if it wasn’t real or if it was real, it should be taken as a serious threat the security tell us that it’s a fake threat, but we are all worried about our safety because nowadays we don’t know what would happen,” said the student.

As violence continues to strike Canutillo High School, CISD police chief Jose Kluge says if anyone knows of information that could be threatening to come forward immediately before it is too late.

“We need that information even if student a knows about student b who’s not even related to them, they know that something might happen or if they even hear it, we need to know that information immediately so we can start working on it,” said Kluge.