New bill could require motorcyclists to wear helmets

State Legislature

Motorcyclists may soon have to hit the road with more than just their drivers license if a new bill is passed in Texas.

Currently, motorcyclists are allowed to ride their bikes without a helmet, so long as they meet certain requirements. 

However, a new bill filed Friday in Austin could make that against the law.

If passed, House Bill 748 would mean anyone not wearing protective gear on their heads while riding a motorcycle could be committing a criminal offense. 

In 2009, then-Governor Rick Perry signed Senate Bill 1967, which prohibited officers from stopping motorcyclists for not wearing helmets..

One local rider told KTSM although he nearly died in a crash while wearing a helmet, he still thinks wearing one should be a choice.

“The people that were around the accident started giving me CPR, so it’s not because of the helmet that saved my life,” Aldo Luna said. “Maybe…people…need to watch out for motorcylists.”

Luna believes the best way to protect motorcyclists is by creating awareness, so other drivers learn how to share the road with those who travel on two wheels.

If the bill does pass, the law would go into effect on September 1.

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