Raising Cane’s also pulling Texas toast for quality control


For some Raising Cane’s customers, that side of Texas toast is a “must have” in your combo box. 

However, due to a quality control issue, the fast-food chain is not currently serving Texas toast at its Texas restaurants. The chain says it is not a food safety issue but rather the current product isn’t meeting the company’s “high-quality standards.”

Raising Cane’s is the third fast food chain to stop serving a bread item this week. Whataburger announced Wednesday it stopped serving its white buns and Texas toast as well. A Whataburger spokesperson said the problem is with the yeast used to make the buns, which affects the taste.

In-N-Out closed for a couple of days this week after its shipment of buns were not up to the restaurant’s standards either. 

Customers can get a substitute of another side item or an additional chicken finger in lieu of the toast. 

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