Disturbing video shows injured bobcats with darts stuck in their bodies


DALLAS, Texas (KTSM) – A Frisco, Texas woman was shocked to find a clutter of bobcats injured by darts in her backyard.

Tricia Tate captured video of a mother and her three kittens running through her yard.

It wasn’t until she looked closer that she noticed one bobcat with a dart in its eye and another with a dark in its hind leg.

“It was heartbreaking, I just cried and cried and was like I can’t even believe that somebody could do this,” said Tricia Tate.

The kitten with the eye injury was captured Christmas Eve and had the dart removed. The kitten was named, “Miracle.”

She’s now on the mend, but her siblings are still missing.

The Tates haven’t given up on finding the other injured kittens. They’ve come up with creative ways to try and lure the kittens to safety.

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