9-year-old South Texas boy pleads for deported dad’s return


A 9-year-old boy from Brownsville, Texas wrote a letter to an immigration officer, asking if his deported dad could attend a school function.

“It was Donuts With Dad and I really wanted my dad to come with me and have some fun for a while so I had to write a letter to the immigration officers and see if they could,” said Jesus Uriostegui, who penned the letter.

Jesus’ fourth-grade teacher says she’s heartbroken by his story.

“I didn’t know what was really happening at home sometimes we just see the kids coming in and being kids like every day and it was surprising for me,” said Josefina Ledezma.

Jesus and his mother delivered the letter to the immigration officer in person. According to officials, the request was turned down because it is a process that requires more time.

Although Jesus’ father was unable to attend, he did get to video chat with his son during the event.

“I’m happy for Jesus that he was able to feel all the support and love from everyone from the community besides just the parents and the teachers,” said Ledezma.

Read Jesus’ full letter below:

Dear Immigration Officer,

I am nine years old I am in the fourth grade at elementary school this Thursday will be “Donuts with Dad’ at my school and I would love for my dad to go with me. My dad was deported almost 8 years ago and I believe he will never be able to come back to the United States. All I am asking is to please give my dad permission to go eat donuts with me at my school, maybe you can take him to my school and take him back to the bridge so he can go back to Mexico to work. You have time to think about it and call my mom to her cell phone to give her your answer.

Thank you and God bless you.

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