Texas Democrats and Republicans Both Make Last Minute Plea to Voters

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As of Tuesday, we are exactly one week away from Election Day, and Texans from both parties are calling this home stretch the most crucial part of the campaign.

Texas Democrats and Republicans aren’t wasting any time, spending the final few days reaching out to voters across the state.

“This is crunch time,” Alex Jumeau, a canvasser for the Travis County Democratic Party said. “This is where it matters the most.”

Central Texas Democrats have taken their efforts to the streets. Volunteers spend every afternoon knocking on residents’ doors asking them to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

“We definitely need to be out here on the turf every day until we get as much people to get out there and vote as possible,” Jumeau said.

Jumeau says a straight Democratic ticket would help the local down-ballot races and keep Travis County blue.

“We’ve had a lot of support for the Democratic Party here in Texas,” Jumeau said, “as well as a lot of support to stop Trump.”

Texas Republicans are also using the final few days to reach out to voters, making phone calls from the GOP headquarters in Austin.

“Every election is important, but this one is particularly more important,” Al Uranga, a student volunteer for the Republican Party of Texas said. “We have a very competitive race where everything and anything is possible.”

Uranga says he has made over 2,000 calls to voters, asking them to vote early and vote a straight Republican ticket.

“If you sit down and do two hours of daily phone calls you’ll figure out that everyone has an opinion on this race,” Uranga said. “We just want to make sure that we have the upper hand next Tuesday.”

Texas Democrats say they’ve knocked on more than 101,100 doors in Travis County since June, and will continue to block walk until November 8th.

Texas is one of only 10 states that allow straight-ticket voting.

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