SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Baja California’s new state attorney general, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, met with reporters earlier this week and promised to lead an “open and transparent” administration.

She was recently approved for the job by the state’s congress after getting nominated by Baja’s governor, and she replaced Ricardo Iván Carpio, who resigned abruptly last month.

“I want to make a commitment with all the members of the media that they will cover an office that is open and transparent and we’ll always be there to attend to your needs and answer all questions and doubts,” Andrade Ramírez said.

The attorney general is in charge of all criminal investigations and legal proceedings in the state.

“There will be times when we can’t discuss certain investigations due to secrecy and privacy of the victims,” she said. “We also have to respect the rights of victims and those charged with crimes. Outside of that, you will always have an ally to answer questions.”

Andrade Ramírez also agreed to have members of her office and investigators available to the media.

“It will be this way,” she said. “I want an office with open doors, with regional attorneys available to help the media.”

Before becoming Baja California’s attorney general, Andrade Ramírez was the head of the prison system in the state.