Local group wants to rename Central Texas town ‘Pound Town’

State News

Two Dripping Springs natives are behind a current push to rename the town after its original founders, a change that would transform Dripping Springs into a place called “Pound Town” — yes, “Pound Town.”

Micah Archer and Daniel McCarthy, both 31, grew up in Dripping Springs and are behind the initiative. They say they believe it was an injustice that the town was never explicitly named after the founders Joseph McKegg Pound and his wife Sarah.

Archer and McCarthy have responded to people’s mixed reactions to the odd — possibly sexually evocative — name by saying that people’s opinions are unfortunate. McCarthy declined to comment on whether the name was meant to be a double entendre.

The town of Dripping Springs is not in any way associated with the initiative — neither is the Friends of the Pound House, a local nonprofit which maintains the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead Museum.

Archer and McCarthy say they intend to pursue the issue further, though they aren’t sure if anyone else is interested — or if the state will even allow a renaming.

They hope the issue will be on ballots in 2020.

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