El Paso Animal Services tells NewsChannel 9 they euthanized more than 23,000 in 2013, only 26 percent  lived and were adopted out. 

That live release rate increased every year since, and for 2018 they expect to adopt out 80 percent of their animals. 

One of the factors in this high release rate is a 3-year-old enrichment program. It gives aggressive dogs a second chance at life who otherwise would have been put down. 

At the core of the enrichment program is the one-on-one attention the dogs get with the goal to reduce stress.

Changing the dogs’ environment often leads to changes in behavior — the dogs chill out like you or I would. The dogs are exposed to essential oils, soothing music, and wraps to cure anxiety. 

Once a dog’s behavior changes and it is no longer aggressive, it can then be put up for adoption. Those dogs who are not ready for adoption are sent to a rescue group or to a foster home to continue training. Both methods prevent the dog from being put to sleep.