EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — As hundreds of migrants are camped outside of Sacred Heart Church in Downtown El Paso, a business owner in the area says he’s had to change the way he does business.

The owner of La Tiendita, a small store near Sacred Heart Church, says he now keeps his door locked and only sells items through the window.

“The reason being is because they can be a little bit out of control, especially when they like to come in, in groups so it’s really hard for us to control everyone at the same time,” said Jesus Solano, the owner of La Tiendita.

Solano said things have changed but the hundreds of migrants in the area have increased his sales.

“It’s been a blessing definitely. The business went up a lot with them, but a lot of figuring out what they need because I had to adjust what I sell,” said Solano.

Solano stays all day from open to close to make sure everything runs smoothly but says every night at closing there is a long line of people.

“I apologize to them and let them know, ‘Hey five minutes, I’m going to be closing.’ But when I do, that’s (when) everybody just comes around like crazy trying to get something,” said Solano.

The Border Patrol Chief for the El Paso Sector Anthony “Scott” Good says Border Patrol does not go into churches, homeless shelters or schools. However, he said on Tuesday that there will be some enforcement happening soon in the area around Sacred Heart Church.

“Will be some enforcement jointly with some other agencies to address that, because, yes there are hundreds of people there in that area right now, so you will see some enforcement in the near future there. But it will be in partnership with other agencies,” Good said.