SAN ELIZARIO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso County and Visit El Paso have teamed up to create a new experience for El Pasoans. Called First Friday Tour of Mission Valley the tour takes you to several stops throughout San Elizario, Socorro, and Ysleta.

In San Elizario, guests are welcome to take a tour of the several art galleries for the Art Walk Experience. One of those galleries is Escamilla owned by Rachel and her husband, award-winning artist Alberto Escamilla.

Both Rachel and her husband are excited to welcome new people and their pets to view the artwork.

“You’re going to find not only historical buildings and history but the top artists of El Paso they’re all award-winning artists because my husband is in the artist hall of Fame and it is the only place I know of where you’re going to find that,” said Escamilla.

Robert Dozal is another local artist guests can visit. Dozal is excited to welcome new fans of art to his gallery and explained how San Elizario has thrived.

“We’ve excelled where others have failed you know so many people have been out here and they’ve tried to make a go of it and for some reason, another have failed but we have just continued to be out here,” Dozal said.

The First Friday of Mission Valley will be held from June through October. Those who have already visited are hoping others will take the opportunity to visit Mission Valley and absorb its rich history.

“I like the culture a lot that there’s so much history here and also everybody’s out here having a fun time there’s music there are people dancing the food is good I mean what’s not to like,” Priscilla Moreno, El Paso resident.

For ticket information and dates, you can follow this link.