CLINT, Texas (KTSM) – For 22 years, Ramirez Pecan Farm has been a staple in the Clint area. Locals and tourists alike make their way over to enjoy homemade pecan desserts throughout the year.

Started by Guadalupe Ramirez, he has now passed the business to his son Guadalupe Ramirez III and daughter-in-law as the second generation continues to have the farm live on.

“My dad still wanted to go back into agriculture he asked the family and said if that was something we wanted to do and I said yeah it was something I was interested in so yeah we went through the venture,” said Ramirez.

Specializing in pecan desserts, you can find all kinds throughout the farm. From pecan pie, maple pecan ice cream, candied pecans, and cookies and cakes Ramirez prides quality over quantity.

“It’s not about throwing a whole bunch of its something we want to give good quality simple ingredients but it’s the love that goes into it,” Ramirez said.

As a small business in a small rural community, Ramirez wants to emphasize the importance of supporting them and other small businesses while also making sure all customers who come through are appreciated.

“You’ll see me running around you’ll see my kids running around, my dad running around and well thank you well appreciate it’s just the appreciation you’re going to get knowing that you’re going to help another small family-owned business,” said Ramirez.

You can find more information about Ramirez Pecan Farm on their website.