EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Senator Ronald Gutierrez has been advocating for the lives lost in the Uvalde mass shooting from last May 2022, asking that lawmakers see the damage that has been done so it never happens again.

Families of surviving children allowed CNN to release stills from body cam footage from that day. One is a little girl who was covered in blood sitting on the school bus.

They said the reason for agreeing to release these images was for lawmakers to see the damaging impact of guns and bullets, and what they can do to a child’s body.

Sen. Gutierrez said legislators didn’t listen to parents who thought something would be done so their child’s death wouldn’t be in vain.

“We are broken from a policy perspective. We are broken in this country on this issue and in this state leads the nation in these deaths.” Sen. Gutierrez said.

“We can raise the age limit. We can have extremist protective orders to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people when we know. They’re mentally ill. And we can have universal background checks. This is just standard stuff. I’m not taking anybody’s guns away” Sen. Gutierrez, added.

In the most recent legislative session, Gutierrez said they have increased funding on mental health and funding to better protect schools to make them harder to go through.

“More guns equals more crime, and we’re seeing the results of that.” Sen. Gutierrez said, adding that this cannot be the new normal.