Semi-Truck Driver Talks with KTSM About Fiery Crash


The driver who lost control of his semi-truck and crashed into an embankment on I-10 West Thursday afternoon told KTSM he feels badly about the wreck that closed down the interstate.

Abel Garcia said he was reaching for a water bottle at the same time he felt what he believed was a flat tire. He said he lost control and remembered driving up the embankment. 

Once his rig came to a stop, Garcia said he lost consciousness and awoke because smoke was filling the cab.

“i took my seatbelt off, kicked the windshield and crawled out,”Garcia said in a phone interview from his home in Phoenix, AZ. “I thought, ‘I hope I didn’t hurt or kill anyone.'”

Garcia said he kicked out the windshield of the truck in order to escape.  He suffered burns to his feet and an injured shoulder. He says he’s thankful to be alive. 

“I’m sorry for all the inconvenience I caused,” he said.  “I didn’t do it on purpose though, it was an accident that just happened.”

I-10 remains closed in both directions with traffic forced to exit at Executive Center and at U.S. 54.

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