VINTON, Texas (KTSM) — Second Chance Wildlife Rescue said the importance of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation is educating the public and helping different species of wildlife.

Dr. David Angerstein, with the Second Chance Wildlife Rescue, told KTSM the rescue organization does rehabilitation work for any sick or orphaned wildlife in the region.

“We see different types of birds like hummingbirds, waterfowl, ducks, geese, different things of that nature, even raptor birds, hawks, owls. And then we also have our small mammals like raccoons, foxes, possums, squirrels, skunks,” Angerstein said.

The rescue organization sits on 7 1/2 acres in Vinton that is not open to the public. It may seem small, but it is large enough to help meet the needs of some of the larger species they see.

“This facility here is really equipped for that. It’s also on a wetland. So we have some good water resources, some for some of our waterfowl and, you know, to be able to release some of our other smaller mammals and stuff like that, that would be able to utilize the space,” Angerstein said.

Angerstein said it’s important for people to know how to come into contact with wildlife as it’s different the average domestic pet.

“There’s pretty guided ways and being able to rehabilitate these animals and get them back into our environment. And so and wildlife, you know, a lot of times we talk about protecting water, protecting land, but the animals are an important aspect to that,” he said.

The rescue organization is hosting different training sessions for the public to join in on.

To learn more and register for training session with the Second Chance Wildlife Rescue, click here.