Screaming patients, insane clowns terrify visitors of El Paso’s Asylum


A new haunted haunted house has come to El Paso and it’s promising more fear than you can handle.

KTSM took a tour of Asylum: A haunting in El Paso and can assure El Pasoans that this haunted house is nothing short of terrifying. It’s not just any haunted house, but an insane asylum that takes terror to a whole new level.
The haunted experience takes those who are brave enough to enter through terrifying rooms of death, horrific hallways of fear and gives each soul a frightening experience.

“It’s not your typical jump scare, don’t get me wrong there are jump scares but we want our guests to be immersed into the production so we’ll have actors interact with them, almost like a movie because there will be scenes that play out in the Asylum. “

A warning to those entering the Asylum, stay alert as you walk through the hallways of horror, you never know what will jump out at you next!

L.A. based Producer and Director Danny Vasquez said that the most important thing to him is making sure he invokes emotion in those who are looking for a little Halloween fun.

“We want to stimulate your senses and fears,” Vasquez said “Right away the audio is blasting along with our actors screaming and our guest screaming and crying hopefully. Everything to the smallest detail is thought of. If they walk out of here and they are content, happy, scared, entertained, that’s exactly what I aim to achieve.”

For more information on The Asylum: A haunting in El Paso call 877-992-7483

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