EL PASO, Texas (KSTM) – Good morning borderland!☀️ Only 3 days away till 2022!🥳🎉🎊🍾

Wednesday will be similar to Tuesday except we will finally drop down to the 50s, those winds expected to be around 15-25 mph.

We are also expecting plenty of rain this week here in the Borderland starting tomorrow. Especially for Friday, unfortunately for your New Years Eve and the Sun Bowl game!🏈 🏟

Hopefully it does not interfere with all those fireworks and the game! However, good news, as of right now it seems most of the rain will be during the day and possible fewer showers in the evening, for your midnight countdown. Regardless, if you do go out please make sure you have those rain boots and umbrellas on hand ready to go and make sure you are driving carefully with those slick roads.🚗💧🌂☔️👢

We expect the rain to stick with us until the first day of 2022, dropping to a high of 48 for your Sunday and possible freezing temperatures for your Saturday and Sunday night at 25 degrees, but we should be back in the 60s by next week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!