EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning!☕️ Hope you are having a great Wednesday!☀️⛅️ Happy humpday everyone!

Well we got to see double rainbows here in the borderland last night! Here are few beautiful photos taken by our amazing Weather Watchers!😇🎥

Taken by Weather Watcher Jose Sarinana!🌈🌈
Taken by Weather Watcher Nohemi Madrid!🌈🌈

Well today is our last day above average in the 60s this week before that next cold front moves in. 61 degrees is your expected high today, and tonight is the only night we don’t expect to be below freezing temperatures at 35 degrees.

However, we are expecting a windy Wednesday today so it might feel colder than it actually is.💨🪁

Cold front moves in tomorrow, dipping us down to the 40s with an overnight low of 26 degrees! So make sure to bring those pets indoors🐶🐱 because those below freezing overnight lows are sticking with us for the next 9 days! Don’t let your fur babies stay cold outdoors!🐕🐈🐩🦮🐕‍🦺🐈‍

Rain chances in the forecast today and tomorrow and especially this weekend so make sure to grab those umbrellas!🌂💧☔️ and bundle up!🧥🧣🧤

Have a wonderful Wednesday!😇