EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Humpday!

We finally made it to the middle of this very hot week! As for today we are expecting a high of 105 degrees! We could potentially even match a record from 1981 today! So expect some uncomfortable hot weather for today!☀️🥵

Winds with be calm at around 10-15mph like yesterday.

So get those summer clothes ready, those hats, sunglasses and and of course that sunscreen! You might even want to wear some shorts for those graduations this weekend!☀️🕶⛱🩳🩱🧴

However, we are also tracking some possible thunderstorms and lightning tonight⚡️🌩 we are forecasting 10% chance of rain, but if we don’t get to see that rain then expect those winds to pick up overnight!

Our hottest days so far this year are coming up this weekend! We are forecasting 106 for both Saturday and Sunday!

Stay hydrated everyone!