EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning! Happy humpday!🌻🌻🌻 Well we had some pretty severe weather last night.

As a matter of fact, those of you who live in West El Paso, Upper Valley and parts of Dona Ana County could possibly be waking up to some hail damage overnight!❄️🌨🧊

We saw up to quarter size hail overnight including rain, lighting and even some very strong winds throughout the Borderland.☔️🌂

If you experienced some severe weather last night and caught some video and pictures of the storm feel free to share them to us by emailing them to news@ktsm.com.

As far as today though we are looking at completely opposite conditions, we expect to warm up to the upper 80s, calm winds in the morning at around 10-15mph but gusting up to 25mph later this afternoon.💨🍃

So overall today is going to be a beautiful day but tomorrow expect some very windy conditions as well as Friday.

Saturday is looking like a great day to go out this weekend with those warm temperatures and calm winds.

Expect breezy conditions Sunday and back to the 90s next week!☀️

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!😇